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The most sought after wristwatch will be sold for the first since 1972, when actress Joanne Woodward bought it. The watch, which was engraved with "Drive Carefully Me" on the caseback as a gift to her husband Paul Newman, had the message "Drive Carefully Me" speedmaster replica watches We speak with their daughter Nell, and the current owner Paul Newman's omega speedmaster replica watches reference. James Cox, 6239.

James Cox, who was studying human ecology at the College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor, Maine in the mid-1980s had no idea he would become part of the most famous wristwatch story of the century. Enchanted by a beautiful blonde girl who drove her Datsun car like a bat out of hell and threw what-are-you-looking-at stares at anyone who dared to notice, Cox made it his mission to get to know her. Nell Potts was the girl, and she used a pseudonym so that she could have the anonymity that she desired. She and Cox started dating after a hot chase. Only then did Cox realize that Nell is the daughter of Hollywood legend Paul Newman.

Cox, who had been living with Nell for a decade, offered to restore the treehouse that was on the Newman property in Connecticut. Nell, a passionate peregrine fanatic, spent her time restoring the structure. The maple tree which supported the original 1960s treehouse continued to grow and crushed the structure. It took five weeks to rebuild.

Cox recalls that Paul's wife Joanne Woodward was performing in a play,Patek Philippe replica watches and Paul would check on me at night. "I already knew Nell well at that point, and I was comfortable with the family because they were so grounded. We would talk and eat dinner in the treehouse, which was our common interest. It was always busy, but I wasn't old enough to recognize anyone. "My only regret is that maybe I overcompensated by giving him more privacy than what he wanted. But I was a young kid and he's the dad of my girlfriend so I wanted to strike that balance between familiarity, and respect."