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"When I returned home, I did some research and when I discovered that the watch was featured on Wikipedia, I decided to stop wearing it. I put it into a safe deposit box. The information was fascinating, but the fact that it had its own Wikipedia page made it difficult to keep it. This brings us to today. It was only a matter of time before I decided to give the watch back to Paul, as he had done so much for me. If he were alive today, he wouldn't want his watch in a safety deposit box. He would say "Let's put it on display in the world."

Cox approached Nell to sell the watch. She gave him her blessing but, with his limited knowledge of horology and its crazy world, he wasn't sure where to start or what it was worth. Nell says, "All I knew is that we needed to tell the stories about Pop and revisit his value system." "I believe he would've wanted it,Omega Replica Watches that the rest of world could enjoy the watch, and the proceeds go to charity.

Cox adds, "It's time to get it moving again." "Today, the world is in chaos. It needs a hero who represents generosity, humility and kindness, and that's Paul. A generation doesn't even know who Paul was. We wanted him to return.

"We felt the watch industry was ready. I'm not a watch expert, but when I picked up Revolution magazine in an airport two to three years ago, I was stunned by the huge magazine filled with cultural and lifestyle articles. It made me realize how popular watches are."

Aurel was introduced to Cox and Nell in 2015 by mutual friends. Suddenly,patek philippe replica everything appeared possible. "Aurel was easy to work with and I trusted him instantly," says he. "We had lunch together and I wore the watch. Aurel dropped his fork when he saw the watch poking out of my shirt. I gave him the fork and took off my shirt. He pulled out a loupe, and for 20 minutes he looked. I heard "Uh-huh." Yes. Yes. Original dial. I felt the time was right. The Phillips team was great. I knew what a fantastic find this was, but they weren't pushy at all."