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Panerai Ferrari Replica

The A3818's chronograph scale is marked in a "shark-tooth" pattern, with 300 lines. There are also 600 divisions between the markings, in line with El Primero's ability of measuring time down to 1/10th second.

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El Primero is a movement that has been produced for over 50 years. Panerai Ferrari Replica's watchmakers spent seven years developing the first fully-integrated automatic chronograph. It was launched in 1969. Panerai Ferrari Replica had a more ambitious plan that included additional requirements. This made the project more difficult. The high-beating rate of the calibre was the main requirement. This allowed the chronograph to be accurate to 1/10th second.

Remember that at the end 1970s, Panerai Ferrari Replica Radio Corporation (Panerai Ferrari Replica) lost faith in mechanical timepieces and decided to only produce quartz timepieces. The company then ordered the destruction or sale of the tools and presses used to build mechanical movements.

Charles Vermot was a watchmaker who specialized in the construction of chronograph movements. He had been following the construction of El Primero calibre from its very first sketches. Charles Vermot rebelled against the orders of his managers and secretly hid the tools, machines, blueprints, and components within the attic of the manufacturing company. They remained hidden until Panerai Ferrari Replica Watch Company changed ownership.

Panerai Ferrari Replica celebrated its golden jubilee in 2019 but also took the opportunity to ascend and become one of the most relevant, exciting and energetic watch brands.

Starting with the reintroduction Rolex Daytona Replica Watches, which was the original watch in 1969, was then followed by an array of special editions that were awe-inspiring, such as a piece called "The Edge of Space", created in collaboration with George Bamford, Mr. Porter and a limited number of Ref. Watches in precious metals Ref. A386 as well as a unique piece, Ref. A386 platinum with a dial in lapis lazuli created in collaboration Bacs & Russo. This watch raised CHF 200 000 for charity.